Dog Licenses

Laws established by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, as well as the Town of White Creek, require every dog over four months of age to be licensed annually in the Town in which a dog is harbored.

  • An original dog license can be processed in-person at the Town Clerk’s office.

Requirements for applying:

Complete the information for the dog license registration;

  • Must provide a current certificate of rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian. Receipt showing payment of the vaccination will NOT be accepted;
    • Spay or neuter certificate if applicable: Often, this is identified on the rabies certificate (ex. MN – male neutered or FS – female spayed); and,
    • Correct fee for dog (see Fees below)
    • Dog licenses are valid for one year at which point a renewal notice will be mailed to the owner from the Town Clerk.
    • The Town Clerk will issue a dog license tag (this is NOT the same as a rabies tag).

Service Dogs:

  • Any guide, service, therapy, hearing or detection dog is required to be licensed
  • Upon presenting documentation that said dog is a “service, etc.” dog (with current rabies certificate); the license fee will be waived.

Seasonal Dogs:

  • Any dog, whose owner does not reside primarily in the Town of White Creek, may show proof of license from another municipality.


  • Spayed/neutered dog   $10.00/dog
  • Unaltered dog   $20.00/dog
  • Service dog   no charge
  • Replacement tag   $3.00/tag